Let's Put An End To Domestic Violence Together...

For 23 years, Women Called Moses has been a safe haven and lifesaver to thousands of domestic violence survivors. We provide all the resources that will help get those stuck in dangerous situations out safely.

National Domestic Violence Hotline


Trauma may happen to you, but it can't define you."

Give Us A Helping Hand

WCM relies on people within our community to help support us in our ongoing efforts to end the cycles of domestic violence.

There Is An Escape

We assist survivors of domestic violence with an escape plan, ensuring that they have a way out of their dangerous situations.

Women Called Moses was created to be an underground railroad for survivors of domestic violence. We seek to prevent and end the cycles of domestic violence through education, research, resources, and advocacy programs which are provided to individuals, families, communities, corporations, and coalition non-profit agencies throughout the United States.

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Your donation will provide survivors of domestic violence with a PATH TO SAFETY and will support OUR CAUSE. Your financial contributions provide women and/or children with a safe, healthy environment, and the resources they need for a new beginning.
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If You Have Any Emergencies Call 911 Immediately.