Our vision

A woman’s safety fuels her hopes and dreams. It is the springboard for her children to grow their imagination and realize their potential. To make this possible, Women Called Moses has expanded its vision from not only providing emergency safe havens for survivors, but in developing and implementing programs that provide solutions to the evolving challenges of abuse.

our story

For nearly 16 years, Women Called Moses, under the leadership, vision and passion of founder Debra Nixon Bowles, has given wings to the hopes and dreams to thousands of women in the underserved communities in the southern sector of Dallas. As a business leader, mother, and survivor, Debra understands the spoken and unspoken needs, experiences, and aspirations of many women who find themselves stressed and navigating the unpredictable violent behaviors of their partners.

“Her safety, hopes and dreams matter because it is the springboard for her children to grow, feed their imagination and realize their potential. This is why WCM CARES.”

WCM operates under the guiding principal of “Safety First!” A woman’s safety provides the foundation for her to have peace of mind and aspire for greatness for herself and her children. A troubled foundation is a dangerous platform to build upon because the house will collapse.


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